Top karma KM 2500 Aluminium Wheelchair

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Deal Score+1

Top karma KM 2500 Aluminium Wheelchair

KM 2500 is one of the Top karma KM 2500 Aluminium Wheelchair in India 2020.

Top karma KM 2500 is ultralight and compact weight 10.9 kg only.

One of the best features of this Km 2500 wheelchair is foldable backrest and swing away footplates.

It has more space for leg movement and allows simple and easy on and off the wheelchair.

Many people choose Top karma KM 2500 Aluminium Wheelchair due to its compact size.

Reviews on KM 2500 are more positive and customers are with this wheelchair for 13-14 years.

Karma Wheelchair is durable and the support center could serve the service and spare parts needed are easily available in the market.

It has varieties of lifestyles like which we are not available in other brands. It facilitates you to go traveling, going to the toilet and wherever you would like to go.

Top karma KM 2500 Aluminium Wheelchair

Advantages of Top karma KM 2500 Aluminium Wheelchair.

Electric Power is one of the best features it benefits from having a powered wheelchair instead of a manual wheelchair and the size of electric motors is very compact.

Moving capacity of power wheelchair is much easier and simple. Power Electric enables the wheelchair to move in any direction as per your choice move forward or move side by side or backward. It saves your energy and reduces the manual pushing of the wheels. Height adjustment of the electric wheelchair.

It provides a free adjustment of the height of the wheelchair and it is the biggest advantage of a wheelchair that always allows the user to adjust the backrest and height according to their convenience.

Compatible for all age children. These chairs are perfect for children who are in the age groups of 7-8 years. It allows the child to sit higher that they would like to sit in a manual wheelchair.

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