KHL Metal Reclining Foldable Commode Wheelchair

15,749.00 11,590.00


Price: ₹ 15,749.00 - ₹ 11,590.00
(as of May 23,2020 13:04:08 UTC – Details)

Foldable reclining commode wheel chair,bed type transforming wheelchair,its foldable feature increases it portability,reclining and commode (Toilet) wheelchair- model:rainbow 8 is ideally designed for the elders and the patients having limited mobility.the chrome plated wheel chair features very high backrest to provide comfort to the users. It has 8″ pvc caster wheel and 24″solid wheel and detachable armrest and footrests having the seat width of 17″, depth of 16″ and can bear the weight up to 100kg. Its foldable feature increases it can also serve as a wheelchair around the house; free water cushion (Safe anb Touch): water cushions works on simple principle that liquid exert pressure equally in all directions.provide maximum body support,spreading your weight evenly,compact design.water cushion color may vary

Detachable foot rest and hand rest
Chrome plated wheelchair-foldable wheelchair
Max weight 100kgs(approx.)
Free water cushion:water cushion works on simple principle that liquid exert pressure equally


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