Best in India 2020 Accessories

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Price: ₹ 250.00 - ₹ 149.00
(as of May 20,2020 18:05:54 UTC – Details)

A great product for cleaning computer. Can be used to clean the monitor and keyboard. The small strands of the small brush are extremely versatile in reaching the cracks between the keyboard keys and the mouse buttons. The larger brush has soft micro file strands used to clear dust and static electricity on the monitor and the main CPU.The comfortable handle makes it easy to operate object and a small hole on the handle helps in hanging the brush at a convenient location.

Keep the product away from the water or any liquids as the product is designed for dry dust cleaning purposes only not on wet surfaces.
This product is designed to store on the office table, study table or in the showcase as it has distinctive look compared to other cleaning brushes.
Make it a habit of keeping your computer and electronic gadgets clean for good positive effects.


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